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The team at Love Sugar Science are all about making brands famous.

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We’ve spent years at media companies, broadcasters, and content creators developing smart ways to pique people’s interest and entice them to act. We’re talking high performing ideas that have an unforgettable impact. Creative ideas that drive revenue.

Jessica Scott


Makes the seemingly impossible happen.

But Jessica is a creative leader who doesn’t believe in fluffy concepts. She’s here to drive clients, colleagues and brand partners to reimagine campaigns. And she does all this with a level head, creative focus, and bags of infectious, positive energy. Jessica is mum to 2 small but fierce little ladies who are determined to keep her on her toes. She is often seen escaping to the Lake District for some much needed relaxing family time, and to tire the kids out!

Simon Price


One of media’s finest

Simon has been at the top of Manchester’s advertising agencies for years. From empowering a new generation of Wavemaker talent to co-founding Love Sugar Science, Simon is a bonafide business leader and a big name. He’s also an admired talent, seasoned dealmaker, and a confidante of clients. Simon is an experience junkie and flips between competing passions of cycling lycra and live music to get his thrills - mercifully the two rarely mingle in any meaningful way.

Steven Gregory


Leading the way in Manchester’s media circles for over 15 years

Steven is as dependable as he is challenging and excitable by the emerging possibilities of media in all its forms. As fine a cross-media channel planning craftsmen as you will find, he uses his finely-honed insight skills to deliver excellence and to find valuable ways to engage audiences. When it comes to understanding the people behind campaign success, Steven has the answers. Steven is a big music and sports fan, whose national tours take in anything from the Anthony Joshua at Wembley to Frank Turner and New Model Army at Rock City. He was also a stand up back in the day and retains shocking form in one liners.

Nik Wheatley


Nik isn’t your usual comms planner

His background making strategic change pay for all sorts of ambitious brands is fused by a wilful attitude to push brands to think differently. Finding new ways to solve the same old business problems is what gets him out of bed in the morning and fresh thinking that excites people inside and outside the business is his calling card. Let’s just say Nik makes big comms ideas make good businesas sense. And that’s no small feat. With three small kids 'free time' is at a premium but when the stars align he will, quite literally, run for the hills that grace his doorstep since moving back up north.

Natalie Grundy

Business Director

Self-proclaimed Brown Owl, Natalie, spins plates quite like nobody else

and comes armed with an unwavering emphasis on delivering extraordinary levels of client service - meaning expectations come delivered with a cat iron guarantee and deadlines get met.

With (she hates us saying this but…) 24!!!! years media experience, she is reliably unflappable and steadfast in her determination to get sh*t done for our clients and their teams.

When she isn’t organising the line for Love Sugar Science, Natalie is a mum of 2 sporty lads and will usually be found on the side of a sports pitch shouting embarrassingly loudly. She also regularly dons a pair of trainers to pound the streets of Stockport, demanding action from disordered residents (maybe) and more plausibly as part of a deal with herself to consume all the wine and food in sight after a week keeping us in check.

All hail the imperious Brown Owl!

Liz Sloan

Planning Director

Isn’t it brilliant when someone properly loves their media?

Like loves it, so much, you sometimes think there ought to be popcorn provided whenever they start talking about it? Well, perfectly cast into the role of TV evangelist is our very own AV Planning Director, and period drama super fan, ‘Lady’ Liz Sloan. The content, the talkability, the scale of it, the spreadsheets(???), that’s right, Liz loves it all.

A bonafide card-carrying member of the ‘get shit done’ brigade. Across ten years in the business, time and again Liz has mixed channel smarts with a sleeves up mentality to deliver some of the biggest and most awarded campaigns in broadcast media.

Liz laughs at the idea AV is some sort of left behind ‘traditional’ platform; lauding the constant tidal wave of change and of opportunities to invent and innovate - be it from AI, data, new technologies, new measurement systems, new platforms, new commercial models, new partnership ideas, new entrants shaking things up…you get the idea.

When taking a break from bingeing on Downton Abbey, Liz can be found, in the sweeping grounds of the National Trust's stately homes with hubby and beloved sausage dog, Figo.

Dom Mellin

Planning Partner

Our Planning Partner revels in the freedom of fiction, where you can make stories out of just about anything.

First and foremost Dom loves stories - reading them, watching them and indeed writing them!

Each combination of characters offering new and exciting ways of looking at people and their many quirks of how they relate to situations, things and one another.

So you won’t be surprised to read that stories about people is what Dom does here at Love Sugar Science too; thinking about media channels and campaigns in a way which reflect the real, tangible way people interact with them – often with plot twists our partners don’t see coming!

With experience spanning global networks as well as boutiques, Dom’s told all sorts of stories about people and their media journeys, like the award-winning KFC Gaming activation, built around the often-overlooked opportunities that gaming can offer brands, but which allowed KFC to create an authentic and credible experience for a crucial community.

When he isn’t thinking about people and their stories, Dom is somewhat preoccupied with whales (preserving them, watching them, celebrating them) and foxes (specifically Leicester City FC), and attempts to emulate both as a keen swimmer and footballer.

James Woods

Digital Director

Our unique Digital Director brings bags of energy to the team

Marathon running music maestro, with a deft touch on the ball and a side hustle refurbishing vintage watches under alter ego, ‘The Wind-Up Merchant’. Quite where James has found time to build an award-winning career in digital media is anyone’s guess but this force of nature has certainly made a name for himself, applying innovation and driving effective outcomes for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

An ambitious digital advocate with a passion for showcasing the art of the possible, clients can always rely on James to find a unique angle for each and every brief he engages on - including a personal career highlight of getting a 3-minute clip of birdsong to number 8 in the UK Top 40 for the RSPB.

Our unique Digital Director brings bags of energy to the team and a live wire mind certain to make your brand famous! When James isn’t playing out his own version of mission impossible he can be found in a field, seeking out the sounds of Glastonbury’s famously gentle chorus.

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